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Prevalence, root causes, and potential outcomes if left untreated
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Prevalence, Root Causes, and Potential Outcomes if Left Untreated


20% of the population has a mental illness

Root causes and/or correlations causing mental illness:

  • Mental illness is complex and is not isolated to 1 root cause, but contains a mixture of root causes and/or correlations with varying degrees and levels of intensity, which are dependent upon different seasons of life.
  • The below graphic is based upon a mixture of scientific literature and biblical concepts which demonstrate the complexity through the interactions between the world, flesh, and the devil.
  • It is important to know that there is a differentiation between avoidable pain & suffering vs unavoidable pain & suffering. Knowing this gives hope that we can avoid avoidable pain & suffering while learning how to navigate successfully through unavoidable pain & suffering. All of this is accomplished through the 3 Pillars approach.

Fallen World

Fallen Nature (Flesh)


Potential Outcomes if root causes and/or correlations are not addressed and treated: 

Hopelessness, confusion, strained relationships, extreme sadness preventing you to perform day-to-day activities, extreme anxiousness, and self harm up to and including suicide.

Suicide statistics:

In the USA each year, approximately:


The first step in helping someone with mental illness is to take care of yourself.

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According to the Journal of American Medical Association, caregivers of people with mental illness are at increased risk of developing depression, anxiety, and stress.

Taking care of your mental health is just as vital as helping those who you love that are mentally struggling, so by following the same concepts of the 3 pillars approach, you will be on solid ground to help others.


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